We can offer you a most comprehensive service for the supply of your castings


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Who we are

We are a family owned independent medium sized aluminium and non-ferrous foundry having been established since 1975. We have during this time seen a steady growth in business which we believe is due to our friendly and efficient service, coupled with pride in our products and our positive and forward thinking approach to achieving the highest quality of castings. 

What we can offer you

We can offer you a most comprehensive service for the supply of your castings including:

• Advice and assistance on material specification
• Advice and supply of applicable tooling
• Full heat treatment facilities
• Advice on the type of moulding process most suitable to your application such as:

Green sand mould:
One of the cheapest methods of producing one-off and small production run castings
Resin sand mould:
Suitable for all types of castings
Petrobond mould:
Used on master patterns etc to obtain fine detail
Gravity die casting:
For medium to long production runs at minimum costs. 

In addition we can also offer a comprehensive inspection and NDT testing including:
• X-ray
• Crack detection
• Pressure testing
• Full laboratory material certification
• Full dimensional inspection and reports

Longton Light Alloys also has its own on site machining and finishing facilities enabling us to offer our customers a complete one supplier solution from initial design to the finished product.

Company Philosophy

Longton Light Alloys appreciates that the best way to sustain business and build strong partnerships is to learn and understand our customers requirements.
With experience we have established our business on four main key objectives:

Customer service is at the top of our list, the customer is the most important part of our business and we will always, wherever possible, provide the right product to suit your requirements.

Providing castings that are consistently of good quality means working to a goal of excellence.
By implementation of quality control systems such as BS EN ISO 9001 continuous investment in training, plant and equipment we feel that this standard of excellence is applied to every casting we produce . Customers or potential customers are welcome to carry out 3rd party audits and inspection of our quality control systems.

Value for Money
Longton Light Alloys main aim is to provide good quality castings at a competitive price. We only purchase from approved suppliers allowing us complete traceability of all the raw materials used in the manufacture of our castings. Unfortunately we have seen too many times where people have taken the option of cheap castings and have suffered the consequences of poor quality and wasted costs. Longton Light Alloys works to a high standard and then offers this standard of service and quality at a competitive price.

One of the keys aspects of what we offer our customers is our commitment to meet delivery times requested. We can offer complete traceability and an extremely flexible service due to our unique capabilities and can offer continuous monitoring of production through our computer based operating systems.

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